2019 Legislative Update

2019 Integrated Student Support Legislative Update

This legislation has been drafted to:

  • Create a statewide best practices model for local districts that decide to establish integrated student supports (previously called “wrap around services”);
  • Assist districts evaluate providers to help ensure evidence-based services to students;
  • Increase support for funding student needs from foundations and businesses by having a statewide statutory model that includes community school strategies and requires an external, independently evaluated evidence-based model to improve student achievement;
  • Help students needing assistance achieve academically to increase the number of students graduating from high school, ready for employment and post-secondary education; 
  • Align with the recent Every Child Succeeds Act, which includes specific language allowing federal Title funding for integrated student supports; and
  • Align with the State Board of Education and Michigan Department of Education’s goal to make Michigan a top 10 state for education in ten years.

June, 2019